Environmental Policy

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We believe that one of the greatest assets of the hotel is its location. Set on the sumit of the Isle of Portland, with many SSSI areas and conservation areas. Rich in natural beauty and high biodiversity. We see our role as custodians of this wonderful natural asset and we will remain committed to its long term sustainability. We believe it is imperative that we take all reasonable measures to preserve and maintain the immediate and wider environment for the prosperity and enjoyment of future generations and to ensure the continuing success and viability of the hotel. We believe that our key impacts on the environment are energy use, emissions to water, waste management and emissions to air. In order to achieve our overall aims as stated above and to continuously strive to minimize all negative impacts of our operations on our environment, we will:


Fully comply with and keep up to date with all legislative and regulatory obligations and duties of care covering our operations present and future, requiring our employees and contractors to act in accordance with our environmental policy, for which we will provide adequate training and communication. We will also provide this information to our customers and seek their help in implementing it.

Energy Saving

Ensure that all new capital investment projects, ongoing maintenance and renewal programs are managed in a way which incorporates assessment of every possible environmental impact and will take appropriate action to keep adverse impacts to an absolute minimum.

Water Conservation and Pollution Control

Take all reasonable measures to save water and take action to reuse water wherever possible.

Transport and Local Purchasing

Take all reasonable steps to minimise and where possible off-set emissions and encourage our staff, suppliers and guests to help us in this initiative. Guests will be encouraged to enjoy the many activities available in and around the hotel all accessible without getting in their cars. We will continue to focus on purchasing from local suppliers and producers wherever possible.

Waste Management and Recycling

Reduce waste from our activities wherever possible, and where we produce waste we will maximize the amount that is either reused or recycled.
Local Community

Act in a socially responsible manner in the conduct of our business and take a position of leadership in the local community in a range of activities, including environmental best practice, supporting local charities and support groups, providing opportunity to school and college students to carry out work placements and getting involved in local community projects and initiatives.

Who and How

Our environmental commitment will be achieved through raising employee awareness and incorporating those issues into the daily operation of our business. We will review our performance regularly and not less than annually in order to promote and facilitate continual improvements. Progress reports will be available upon request to interested parties.

For more information on the Hotels environment policies please contact Peter Davie on +44 (0)1305 821361.